Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage 1 hour £160

Tantra is the exotic art of prolonging our sexual play, building arousal very slowly so you get highly excited for as long as possible.Tantric massage really focus in a sensual journey stimulating and harmonizing your sexual rhythms.I practice my own style of Sensual Tantric Massage based in pure sensuality and warm touch, with basic principles of tantra healing for your soul, body and mind.I combine my tantric massage sessions with a variety of fetish, fantasy and BDSM – erotic practices involving power exchange – dominance and submission.I have created a calm and warm atmosphere with lighted aromatic candles where we will lay be fully naked and I will begin giving you gentle strokes, caress, and arouse every inch of your body with aromatic massage oils, carefully breathing and gradually begin to inhale and exhale together.Once reached a deep level of intimacy I will start adding bits of fetish practices already discussed prior the session, and moving slowly to stimulate your private areas until you reach the maximum climax.