Body 2 Body Massage

Body 2 Body Massage Ibiza 1 hour £160

Body 2 body massage Ibiza is an special erotic naked sensual form of therapy provided with oil massage sessions also know as full body massage, a combination of massage techniques filled with pure erotic touch.
As a Body2body massage therapist I will use my hands and entire naked body to stimulate completely all your body including genitals and erogenous zones, rubbing and sliding skin-to-skin from all angles imagined on your front and backside. Using my breast, tights, legs, calves, arms and hips I will massage you with sensual touch stimulating all parts of your body, opening the door to intense sexual pleasure concentrated in make you feel loved and cared. Practicing body2body massage with me you will experience sensual relief mixed with the closest sexual spa treatment. It will also take your stress away while experiencing the most erotic Body2Body orgasm.  My Body2body massage ranges from wet Nuru massage provided with Japanese Nuru gel or Body to Body massage provided with aromatic warm body massage oils. Both massages can be performed on top of an air mattress designed for all forms of massage or even given in a bedroom setting with PVC bed linen and candle lit soft light.

body 2 body massage ibiza

Shower facilities and towels for your refreshment are available.

You can book for minimum of 1 hour duration or 90 minutes. I take cash payments on arrival with option of extending time and you can also pay by credit card.

I do not provide full services