Masaje Crystals

Masaje Crystals

Tour Madrid Julio – Agosto  2019

Crystals Masaje Madrid 1 hora €90

I do not provide full services

Massage Crystal Healing Madrid with crystals is a alternative well-being therapy to achieve wellness and to help you to feel better, move easily free of aching and pain, and to enhance your daily live.

It also releases tension, stress, fear, anxiety and anger that you might be holding from the stressful day life.

I use crystals and stone wands to massage your body, head and feet, crystals help to relax and balance the body with its different properties.

How the massage is performed…

You will be laying comfortable on a massage table and I will place crystals on top of your  body Chackras and with gentle rubbing and holding the crystal still or applying a bit of pressure over different parts of your body depending on your symptoms.

Crystals therapy has become more and more popular, it is a vibrational therapy ( non medical ) that it works by using the vibration and properties that offer crystal and gemstones to help to balance the energy field of the body by restoring your energy center called Chakras which affects your whole well being, internal organs function and emotional state as well.

I use crystals for physical, mental and emotional healing and I would like to share with you the power of crystals therapy their healing properties and how crystals can be used to benefit your health.

By having just 1 therapy sessions with me you will learn how to heal yourself at home.

Shower facilities and towels for your refreshment are available.

You can book for minimum of 1 hour duration or 90 minutes. I take cash payments on arrival with option of extending time and you can also pay by credit card.